Achelit Srl

Bio Safety Cabinet

  • With a controlled air diffusion through two H14 HEPA filters, contamination of useres, environment as well as products is prevented.
  • ECM motor, 220V, speed is adjustable, with high performance and low power consumption
  • Germicidal UV lamp with an emission of 253,7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination
  • Electrically adjustable toughened safety glass (ESG)
  • Visual and audible alarms at abnormal air flow, necessity of a filter change, too high opened front window

  • Electrically adjustable toughened safety glass
  • Stainless steel work area, base plate removable for cleaning
  • Control panel with LCD display:
    all functional and operational parameters are indicated simultaneously
  • Remote control (max. distance 6 meters, useful in on emergency situation) .
  • Energy -saving Work light
  • UV – radiator ( 254nm ) in the working chamber
  • 2 power supply sockets, switchable over control panel
  • Electronically controlled air stream, various failure Alarms
  • Main switch is key operated
  • Timer for START, STOP, UV radiation
  • Voice announcement of alarms and various operation conditions
  • Optional accessories: Stable rack on wheels

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